BINGO: Auditory Adventures

Kim Gill ( Gill, Kim )
Joanne Deninno ( Deninno, Joanne )
Ashley Drennan ( Drennan, Ashley )
Thomas Weber ( Weber, Thomas )
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"Here ye, hear ye…This amazing, all-in-one activity kit has everything you need for unrivaled auditory adventures." Just listen…(you won't believe it)!

Auditory Adventures

li>Addresses 21 specific auditory processing skills.
Auditory Association - absurdities, action-agent, analogies, auditory closure, if-then, inferences, listening for main ideas, opposites, name the category.
Auditory Discrimination - discrimination of initial sounds in words, discrimination of final sounds in words, identification of initial sounds in words, rhyming, sound blending, syllable awareness.
Auditory Memory - following directions, listening for details, memory for words, memory for short sentences, memory for long sentences.
Auditory Reception - yes/no questions
Has 18 awesome laminated games for 1 to 6 players.
8 open-ended games - Check-Ears, Ear Career, Field of Ears, Granny's Gumballs, Holiday Hearing, Sound City, Sound Planets, and Speedy Spider Speedway (11" x 17").
2 specific game boards - Hearing Hayride and Andy's Toy Shop (11" x 17").
Auditory Bingo and Listening Lotto game boards, in sets of 6 (8½" x 11").
2 barrier games - Sound Snack Shack and Barrier Barn, in sets of 6 (8½" x 11").
4 open-ended chip/token games - Hear Muffs, Sally's Sound Sail Around, Sonic Sound Slide, and What's the Buzz?, in sets of 6 (8½" x 11").
Provides an easy-to-follow, 124-page lesson activity book with instant auditory activities and reproducible homework sheets.
Includes six packs of crayons, over 200 tokens, and die.
Auditory Adventures is the most innovative, vibrant collection of hearing and listening stuff around! That's saying a lot! 
# of Players: 1-6
Playing Time: N/A
Age Range: PreK+ 
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